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Jonathan Reed – TMO


The Basketball League would like to welcome former professional basketball player, Jonathan Reed, as TMO and President of the Enid Outlaws!  Reed has an extensive history both playing and coaching the game of basketball.  An All-Conference player in high school, Reed went on to win a National Championship at Cedar Valley Junior College before transferring to Arkansas State University and completing both his collegiate career and his Bachelor’s Degree at Clayton State University.  After college, Reed began a ten year professional career overseas.  The point guard played in China, Switzerland, Estonia, and Ireland where he was Player of the Year

in 2009.

After completing a long professional career, Reed returned to his home town in Oklahoma to open OnPoint Academy which is in its tenth year of business.  Reed also continues to play for the Oklahoma Outlaws semi-pro team as well as coach AAU and train students of the game.  Reed has trained hundreds of players  including many current and former  NBA players.  The Enid Outlaws are extremely fortunate to have a leader with the experience and expertise of Jonathan Reed.


Brian Jamison – General Manager

Brian Jamison

General Manager of the Enid Outlaws, Brian Jamison was born and raised in Oklahoma City with parents from Canute Oklahoma, and Fort Supply Oklahoma. His basketball journey began at high school, playing at Putnam City for Coach A.D. Burtchi. The hard work throughout his high school career led to him being selected for the All-City Team his senior year. He played in institutions like Emmanuel Jr. College in Georgia and Rose State College in Oklahoma, before going on to finish his career at Southern Nazarene University. To this day, Jamison is thankful for his college education being paid in full due to playing basketball.

“It was the catalyst in me achieving a college education,” he said.

Jamison earned a bachelor’s degree in Sport’s Wellness and Fitness Management from Southern Nazarene University in 1989. The support system from his family was strong, and he was lucky enough to have influential coaches during his journey. His college career was not only limited to growing as an athlete but growing as a man.

“I am forever grateful for my mother and father for challenging me every day, and some coaches for believing in me and helping me carve the way,” he said.

Fast forward to 2020, Jamison has now coached over 300 kids in AAU, providing foundations of life and fundamentals of the game to each youth. He also spent the last 25 years being a successful businessman— dipping his hands into Real Estate and Commercial Insurance as well.


Cheri Edwards – Director of Operations


The OnPoint Hoops Academy is a place where personal growth blooms in the arms of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork—this is also the organization that Cheri Westervelt Edwards has worked with for five years. During her time at the program, Edwards has brought all of her coaching experience and has dedicated a big portion of her time to OnPoint Hoops Academy. The academy allows her to fulfill her passion by teaching young athletes the fundamentals of basketball and life, pushing them as close to success as possible.

Edward’s extensive background in education makes it easy for her to excel in all of the various tasks that she performs for OnPoint Hoops and Enid Outlaws. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to coaching, training, parent liaison, managing finances, and event coordination. Edwards is a team player, adding foundation and structure to any and every workplace that she is involved with.

Tecumseh, Oklahoma is where Edwards calls home. She graduated from Tecumseh High School where she led the ’93 Lady Savages to their first and only state championship. After an exciting high school career, she got accepted into Oklahoma State University majoring in education on a full basketball scholarship. During her time at OSU, she managed to rack up several achievements—winning numerous awards like the 1998 Student-Athlete of the Year award.


Joshua Shaw – Director of Entertainment